Anti-slip on polished porcelain tile.

Anti-slip | Sunninghill

Anti-slip that keeps your shiny floors shining!

Visitors to this corporate office were slipping on these glossy porcelain tiles when they were wet. Instead of spoiling the stylish interior design of this spacious office building, the client opted for our “invisible” anti-slip coating.

Modern office buildings come with high gloss tiles and wide open spaces decorated in only the best. When wet floors threaten the safety of visitors and the high quality look and feel of the interior design there is only one option – Seguro Nonslip Surfaces’ “invisible” anti-slip coating. Anti-slip mats would have detracted from the stylish design. With our anti-slip coating the floor is safer and still shiny! Protecting employees and visitors against slips and falls without giving the interior designer a heart-attack.

The anti-slip coating does not change the look and feel of the tiles. It simply adds slip-resistance to the surface in wet conditions. The coating carries a 3 year guarantee (T&C’s apply).

View this video to see the finished product.


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