Anti-slip tape

Anti-slip for glass

Anti-slip tape | Menlyn

The skylights for the underground parking posed a slip risk to pedestrians. The client originally tried an epoxy on the glass but exposure to the elements caused problems and they had the epoxy removed. Seguro was asked for a suitable solution. We recommended the anti-slip film. It’s easy to apply, maintain and remove without any …

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Clear anti-slip tape v black anti-slip tape

Anti-slip tape | Selby

Seguro Nonslip Surfaces takes the ugly out of safety by using aesthetically pleasing solutions for slippery stairs. Our client takes safety very seriously and has applied every measure possible to ensure the safety of employees and visitors using these stairs. It was time to replace the worn black anti-slip tape and we opted for a …

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Anti-slip tape | Kyalami

Anti-slip tape | Kyalami

Anti-slip tape used to tame “slippery when wet” front entrance. The client was concerned about the danger these slippery tiles posed to employees and visitors. Having worked in this building myself, I have first hand knowledge of how dangerous the tiles to the front door can be when it rains. The steps and landing to the entrance …

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